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Freeze Dried Candy

"Experience candy like never before with our freeze-dried delights! These sweet sensations will send your taste buds on a frosty adventure, capturing the essence of your favorite treats in a crunch that's out of this world. Say goodbye to ordinary snacking and dive into a frosty flavor explosion that'll leave you craving more. Freeze-dried candy: where taste meets subzero excitement!"

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$19.99 Watch Program

- Comes in locking case
- Holds 40 assorted watches
- Custom selection by location
- Guarantee sale program
- Footprint only 5"x5" 
- Replenish by units sold
- 5 year warranty on battery

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We have you covered for the October 14, 2023 (annular eclipse) and April 8, 2024 (total eclipse).
Our Safe Solar glasses are exclusively manufactured with 2 mil scratch resistant polymer (black/silver) lenses that filter out 100% of harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and 99.999% of intense visible light.

Our premium eclipse filters create the sharpest solar images with a beautiful, natural orange color. With an optical density of 5 or greater, our ISO 12312-2 compliant and CE certified eclipse glasses are independently tested and safe for all phases of the eclipse, Merchandise our Eclipser® glasses with our flexible point of purchase displays for impulse sales at mass merchants, convenience stores, boutique shops, science, centers, and planetariums.

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NFL Display / Program

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